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Physical Properties of Natural Gas

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Oil and gas engineers need accurate values of the transport and thermodynamic properties of natural gas, over a broad range of temperatures, pressures, and compositions.

This data is needed to size pipes, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, compressors and other items of a process plant.

Inaccurate data compounded over the many items of process equipment can amplify risk, both to cost and safety.

Maple lets you calculate the transport properties of several standard natural gas mixtures (Gulf Coast, Amarillo, Ekofisk, High N2 and High N2/O2), and your own custom mixtures. The functionality is available in the ThermophysicalData package, powered by the open source CoolProp project.

Properties are calculated with a Helmholtz energy approach, and includes density, viscosity, specific heat capacity, compressibility factor, Joule-Thomson coefficient and more.

This data is instantly accessible in Maple's interactive computing environment - this means you can use all of Maple's plotting, solving and optimization routines, and employ units as a dimensionality check.

Application Details

Publish Date: May 23, 2019
Created In: Maple 2019
Language: English

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