Partnerships and Business Development Opportunities with Maplesoft - Technology licensing, product distribution & bundling, content development, software integration

Partnering with Maplesoft

Maplesoft core products and technologies include the world’s most advanced symbolic computation engine and revolutionary physical modeling techniques. We partner with leading organizations looking to leverage our technologies and expertise in a variety of ways, including:

Technology Licensing

Add technical horsepower to your products or services by licensing Maplesoft technologies such as Maple’s computation engine or equation editor or MapleSim’s Modelica compiler.

Selected Partners: : John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and Cengage Learning Inc.

Software Distribution

Add value to your offerings through OEM or private/white labeling arrangements, or by bundling Maplesoft software with your technology or textbooks.

Selected Partners: Cengage Learning Inc. and Nelson Education Ltd.

Consulting & Product Development

Leverage Maplesoft’s expertise and years of experience to assist in product development and to solve challenging engineering problems.

Selected Partners: FLSmidth

Product Connections & Integration

Integrate with Maplesoft products directly, or through the development of add-on connector products and toolboxes.

Selected Partners: LabVIEW™ and Simulink®

MapleSim Modelica Engine

The MapleSim Modelica Engine is the powerful system-level modeling engine that lies at the heart of MapleSim. This engine can be licensed as an OEM product for inclusion in your own applications and products.

Selected Partners: Altair

Sales Opportunities

Enhance sales opportunities and revenue with referral arrangements.

Selected Partners: Altair Engineering Inc.

Other Opportunities

The examples above are common examples of how we partner with other organizations, but there are a wide range of available opportunities. We are interested in hearing from you!

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