Remote Learning Resources from Maplesoft

Remote Learning Resources from Maplesoft

Maplesoft offers a variety of tools and services that support remote learning of math and math-based courses, many of which are available for free!

For Everyone, for Free

These free resources are available to everyone – all you need is a phone or a web browser.

Homework Help on Your Phone

The free Maple Calculator mobile app makes it incredibly easy to enter, solve, and visualize mathematical problems from algebra, precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations, for free!

Explore Math Concepts in a Web Browser

Math Apps and interactive calculators for exploring concepts and solving problems are available through the MapleCloud using your web browser.


The MapleCloud includes more than just Math Apps. Instructors can share Maple-based lessons, assignments, and other documents through the MapleCloud, so students can view them through their web browser. And if those Maple documents make use of interactive components, such as sliders and buttons, students can view AND actually use with the application, just like they would in Maple.

for everyone

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For Students

If you have Maple, here are some additional resources that can help you learn math outside the classroom.

for students

Maple includes point-and-click learning tools for most key topics in calculus, linear algebra, and more, such as tutors for solving integrals step-by-step, visualizing volumes of revolution, or row reducing matrices. In Maple, see select Tools > Tutors from the main menu.

More Math Apps

The same Math Apps you can find in the MapleCloud, and more, are also in Maple itself. See Tools > Math Apps.

Student packages in Maple offer focused learning environments where you can explore and reinforce fundamental concepts in the same way your instructor does in class, for calculus, precalculus, linear algebra, statistics, and more. See the Student package help page (search, or enter ?Student), and also use Tools > Tutors for quick access to the point-and-click tutors.


Got a Maple question? Just ask the Maple community on MaplePrimes. They are a helpful bunch.

Student Help Center

If you are new to Maple, you’ll find lots of great resources in the Student Help Center to help you get started and keep you going.

For Instructors

Client Success Can Help

Our Client Success team is ready to help you and your class with online bootcamps and Maple readiness quizzes for your class, and other resources to help your students learn to use Maple effectively.

Help your students help themselves

Check out the Student section, above, so you can point out the most appropriate resources for your particular class to your students.

Sharing Maple Documents

Have Maple worksheets you want to share with your students, and now they no longer have access to the lab? You have several options:

  • Ask your administrator about remote access licensing for Maple.
  • Use the MapleCloud to distribute course materials, assignments, and examples, as well as any Math Apps you’ve created or customized for your course. Documents in the MapleCloud are viewable through a web browser, through Maple, or through the free Maple Player. You can share just with the students in your class, or with the world.
  • If regular web access is an issue for some students, you could tell your students download the free Maple Player so they can view your documents while they are off-line. You can also export your Maple documents to PDF.

Teacher Resource Center

The Teacher Resource Center is full of examples and curricula material that you can provide to your students.


Got a Maple question? Just ask the Maple User Community on MaplePrimes.

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For Administrators

We offer flexible virtualization and home-use licensing options that can help keep your staff and students working remotely, including:

  • License Virtualization: You can allow students and staff to access Maplesoft software remotely, such as through a campus cloud, through flexible license key sharing using Citrix® software or similar systems, or other means. The software is installed on university-owned computers, and students and staff can access it from any computer using an internet connection.
  • License Distribution: You can distribute copies of the software to students and staff to install and use on their own, personally-owned computers. An internet connection is required to activate the software, but after that, the software can be used even when the user is off-line.

Your school may even have a Maple license that includes these options already. If not, we would be happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

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