Why Choose Maplesoft?
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Why Choose Maplesoft?

You might be thinking of purchasing Maple Flow, but you do have a choice of other vendors of math software, and you may already be using another tool. If you’re thinking of switching tools, or you’re new to math software, gauging the vendor is simply a part of your due diligence.
Maplesoft offers a full transition package from Mathcad to Maple Flow

Here’s why we think you should choose Maplesoft as your preferred vendor of mathematics software:

  • A multi-decade commitment to Maple Flow. We want graduate engineers to start their working lives using Maple Flow, and to continue using the product throughout their careers.
  • Support available outside working hours. A geographically distributed support team, with offices in Canada, USA, France, United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan.
  • Assistance in converting your prior work to Maple Flow. If you have calculations developed in other mathematics software, we will work with you in converting your work over to Maple Flow (subject to reasonable limits).
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For larger accounts
  • Access to the product management, development and executive teams. We don’t hide behind layers of bureaucracy, so make your voice heard!
  • Prioritized Technical Support and Customer Service
  • Dedicated company-specific email address for support and queries
  • Access to the Maple Flow roadmap. You can influence what features should be prioritized
  • Personalised on-boarding project plan with customized training
  • Consultancy by qualified engineers across our entire range of products (at an additional cost)
Flexible licensing
  • Perpetual and subscription licensing
  • Floating and node-locked licenses
  • Home use licenses (for commercial accounts)
Access to the Maplesoft ecosystem of math and simulation tools. We will work with you to develop the optimal licensing plan to give you access to our entire range of tools. These include:
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Maple Flow – simple UI principles but unlimited creativity, with a paper-like scratchpad interface for your math
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Maple – mathematically-oriented work for researchlevel applications, with the world’s most advanced symbolic and numeric math engine
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MapleSim – 1D system-level modelling and simulation
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MapleMBSE – allows stakeholders across your entire organization to collaborate in the systems engineering process
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Maple Learn – web-based teaching tool for math
Maplesoft offers a full transition package from Mathcad to Maple Flow.
This package includes a bundle of start-up licenses, free training, and assistance in converting your initial set of Mathcad Worksheets to Maple Flow Documents.