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MapleNet and MapleCloud

Which Should I Choose?

Maplesoft offers two different ways to share your Maple documents over the web: MapleNet, a server-based product you install on your own computers; and the free MapleCloud service run by Maplesoft. Which is right for you depends on your needs and your organization’s policies. The following chart explains the differences.

Needs MapleCloud MapleNet
Access to interactive Maple documents through a web browser Yes Yes
Ability to limit access to certain users Yes, through private groups that require login Yes, using your own institution's intranet systems
Data security Content held on shared servers using industry-standard security protocols Content held on your own server inside your own firewalls
Performance Suitable for small-to-medium sized computations. Limits on computation times. Suitable for all-sized computations. Limits on computation times are controlled by you.
Extending Maple’s abilities A document can contain custom Maple procedures used by that application, but you cannot call on shared custom libraries or add-on Maple toolboxes. Unrestricted. Documents can call on custom procedures, shared custom libraries, or Maple toolboxes (subject to additional fees).
Setup and IT support None required - service is hosted and maintained by Maplesoft. Installs and runs on your own server.
Provide Maple compute services for your own applications* No Yes - MapleNet includes an API that client applications can use to pass Maple expressions to the MapleNet server for evaluation and get back a mathematical expression or plot.
Programmatically execute Maple documents and return results to your non-Maple application** No Yes
Use as an engine for your own content-deploying application No Contact us for details.

*Also see OpenMaple for information about accessing Maple algorithms and data structures from your compiled C, Java, or Visual Basic programs.

**See RunWorksheet to learn about running Maple worksheets programmatically from Maple applications

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