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Grid Properties - properties that are used by the Grid library

These properties control the behavior of the Grid Servers and Clients when using "hpc" mode.







The default properties used by the Grid library are stored in the conf/ file located in the Grid Computing Toolbox directory.
This directory can be determined via the kernelopts(toolboxdir="Grid") command. The properties file is read by the Servers during startup.


The properties file contains settings in the format key=value where the possible keys are listed as follows:

grid.broadcast - this is an IP address mask that will define an Internet subnet. A Grid Server, when running, will broadcast its availability using UDP broadcasts. The mask determines which machines it will broadcast to. For example, if all Grid Servers are on IP addresses 10.10.50.x, then a suitable mask will be This will cause a message to be sent to every machine on the 10.10.50. network. If machines are distributed over a wider IP range, such as 10.10.50.x, 10.10.55.x and 10.10.90.x, then a mask of must be used to send to all 10.10.x.y addresses. The default mask is

grid.broadcastport - this is the UDP port that each server will broadcast on to find other Grid Servers. The default port is 4400.

grid.broadcastdelay - this is the time in seconds between UDP messages. Default value is 10 seconds.

grid.debug - this controls whether extra information is written to the log files. This value should be true to enable debugging information, or false otherwise.

grid.DeadlockDelay - this is the time, in seconds, the running nodes can be stalled during an ongoing computation. While a computation is in progress, the Master node, node 0, will query the state of executing nodes. If any node fails to indicate progress over a period longer than this parameter, the grid computations will be halted and an error returned. This parameter must be in the range 1 to 60 seconds. The default is 10 seconds.

grid.license - this is the path to the license file. If the path is a relative path, such as the default value license/Grid.dat, then it is taken relative to the Grid Computing Toolbox directory.

grid.logfile - this is the path to a file to receive logging information. If the path is a relative path, such as the default value logs/gridlog.txt, then it is taken relative to the Grid Computing Toolbox directory.

grid.nodes - this is the name of file that lists the names of grid servers, one per line to be used when maple code is submitted by the launcher script. Generally this name should be left blank in the properties file and specified on the command line. See Batch processing for details on how the node list is used.

grid.numcpus - this is the number of CPUs to use on this machine. Specifying a value less than 1 will cause the system to attempt to query the machine for the number of CPUs and assign a node for each. The default is to assign a node to each CPU available.

grid.maple - this is a full path specification pointing to the command line version of Maple to be used by the grid node(s) on this machine.

grid.port - this is the port that the Server on this machine will use to receive messages from other nodes via the Send and Receive commands. If more than 1 CPU is being used, numcpus > 1, then cpu 0 will use this port, cpu 1 will use port + 1, cpu 2 will use port +2, etc.

Note: Commenting out a parameter using the # character will cause the default value for that key to be used.


# - settings for the grid engine
grid.maple=\\Program Files\\Maple 2017\\\\cmaple.exe

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