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Surface Integration of a Function on a Surface Defined over a General 2-D Region


Formulate and evaluate the surface integral of fx,y,z on a surface defined over a general 2-D region.

Surface Integral on a Surface Defined over a General 2-D Region







Sf ⅆσ =x=ax=by=uxy=vxfx,y,zx,y 1+zx2+zy2 ⅆy ⅆx

Sf ⅆσ=y=ay=bx=uyx=vyfx,y,zx,y 1+zx2+zy2 ⅆx ⅆy








Commands Used

VectorCalculus[SurfaceInt], simplify, evalf

See Also

VectorCalculus, Student[VectorCalculus]