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Sample Maplet Application: Vector Norm

This worksheet demonstrates how to write a Maplet application that functions similarly to the LinearAlgebra[VectorNorm] Maplet application available in the Maplets[Examples] package. It is designed for experienced Maple authors.


The VectorNorm Maplet application provides a graphical interface to the LinearAlgebra[VectorNorm] function.

The vector norm of a vector V is a function ||V|| that satisfies all the conditions of a norm.
By using user input, this procedure returns the calling sequence required to find the vector norm or evaluates the result.


Thus, the Maplet application requests:

1.  The norm, one of: infinity, 1, Euclidean (2), Frobenius, or any non-negative value.

2.  Whether the vector is real-valued.

3.  Whether the result is to be evaluated (or the calling sequence is to  be returned).

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