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Maplesoft CAD Toolbox


The MapleSim CAD Toolbox provides all the tools needed to incorporate your CAD drawings into MapleSim as CAD subsystems.

With the MapleSim CAD Toolbox you can:


Examine and set properties for the parts in your CAD drawing before you import them. The changes are only applied to the CAD subsystems generated from your drawing.  (That is, the parts in your CAD drawing remain in their original form.)


Group parts into groups (sub-assemblies) before you import them into MapleSim.


Import the groups into MapleSim as CAD subsystems.


Simulate either the entire assembly in MapleSim or create a new MapleSim model using the imported CAD subsystems.


Make changes to the CAD subsystems to examine "what-if" scenarios.


Share your MapleSim model and CAD subsystems with colleagues, even if they don't have the MapleSim CAD Toolbox.


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