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MapleSim Control Design Toolbox

The MapleSim™ Control Design Toolbox provides control design tools that extends MapleSim's plant modeling capabilities to support control design. Using a symbolic approach, you can design, analyze and test control systems.

You can also use the technical documentation tools available with MapleSim, to document your design decisions.

Features of this toolbox include:


Model linearization


Standard PID tuning techniques: Ziegler-Nichols time response, Ziegler-Nichols frequency response and Cohen-Coon


Advanced PID tuning techniques: Dominant pole placement, Pole placement in a specified region, and gain and phase margin


State Feedback Control: Single input pole placement (Ackermann), Multiple input pole placement, and LQR


State Estimation: Single output pole placement (Ackermann), Multiple output pole placement, and Kalman filter


Access to commands in the ControlDesign and DynamicSystems packages


Sample control design models in the Help > Examples > Control Design Examples  menu


For more information about the toolbox

Perform one of the following tasks:


Open the Getting Started with the MapleSim Control Design Toolbox guide found on your desktop (Windows and Macintosh) or in your Control Design installation directory (Linux)


In a Maple worksheet, enter ?ControlDesign to view help topics related to the MapleSim Control Design Toolbox.


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