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Resolving Debugging Messages for Shared and Stand-alone Subsystems

Messages appear in the MapleSim debugging console when the tasks described below are performed.

Example 1: Converting a Shared Subsystem into a Stand-alone Subsystem

When you convert a shared subsystem into a stand-alone subsystem, if multiple shared subsystems are linked to the same subsystem definition, a message appears in the debugging console to inform you that the stand-alone subsystem contains the same configuration as another shared subsystem in the model workspace. However, the stand-alone subsystem is no longer linked to its original subsystem definition.

Example 2: Copying and Pasting a Stand-alone Subsystem

When you copy and paste a stand-alone subsystem in the model workspace and choose to keep the copy as another stand-alone subsystem, a message appears to inform you that both copies of the subsystem contain the same configuration but are not linked to a subsystem definition.


Right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) the message in the debugging console and select one of the following options.


Create a shared subsystem for "..." and "..." - if you converted a shared subsystem into a stand-alone subsystem, you can select this option to create a new subsystem definition and convert other copies of the stand-alone subsystems into shared subsystems. The stand-alone subsystems listed in the debugging message will be linked to the subsystem definition that you create.


Update "..." to use shared subsystem "..." - if you converted a stand-alone subsystem into a shared subsystem, you can select this option to link the stand-alone subsystems that are listed in the debugging message to the new subsystem definition that you created for the shared subsystem.


Ignore duplication warnings for "..." - select this option if you want to continue working with the subsystem as a stand-alone subsystem. The message will be removed from the debugging console.

For more information about subsystem definitions and shared subsystems, see Creating Subsystem Definitions in Chapter 2 of the MapleSim User's Guide.   

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