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Attachments View

The Attachments view of the Model Tree displays the files attached to your model. Examples of attachments include worksheets, spreadsheets, and CAD drawings. The model tree in Attachments view is organized according to the name of the attachment.

Select Attachments from the list below the Find text box to enter Attachments view. The nodes in this view are components and subsystems that have attached documents. The nodes have entries of the form Name (Component), where:


Name is the name of the attachment.


Component is the name of component, including its location in the model (for example, Main.Resistor1 or Main.Linkage.Revolute2).

Expand a node to see the document that is attached to it. Double-click on an attachment to open it in the appropriate program.

To search for an attachment:


From the Palettes Pane, select the Model Tree tab ( ).


Select Attachments from the views list.


Enter a search term in the Find text box.


The model tree automatically updates to show the attachments that contain your search term. Matches are highlighted in yellow.


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