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Adding a Snapshot

You can take multiple snapshots of your simulation, with each snapshot storing all of the state variables at the snapshot time.


To add a snapshot:


Run the simulation.


Click Show Simulation Results ( ) to show the Analysis window with the Simulation Results tab selected. The simulation results are saved as Latest Results in the Stored Results palette.


Right-click on Latest Results and select Save As.  Provide a name for the simulation result, for example, Result1.


Return to the main MapleSim window.  In the Simulation Settings tab ( ), under Advanced Simulation, find the Use Snapshot section.


Click the Create Snapshot icon ( ).


Select the simulation result that you want to take the snapshot from in the Stored Results section.


Provide a name for the new snapshot.  By default, new snapshots are given a name of the form _snapshotX, where X is a unique number.


Type the time at which you want to take the snapshot at into the Snapshot time field. You can enter any time between the start time (ts) and the end time (ts + td) for your simulation.  The default snapshot time is the end time of the simulation.

A new snapshot entry is added to the list of snapshots. By default, the simulation uses the initial conditions of the snapshot the next time you run the simulation.



By default, the snapshot you created is used the next time you run the simulation.  To change this, select another snapshot or None from the Use Snapshot list.


The simulation start time (ts) and duration (td) remain the same.


Snapshots cannot be associated with Latest Results.  To create a new snapshot from the Latest Results entry, you must first save the results with a new name.

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