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Calculus 1 Visualization

The visualization component of the Calculus1 subpackage of the Student package consists of a collection of routines that can be used to both work with and visualize various concepts in an introductory single-variable calculus course.  These worksheets demonstrates the basics of this functionality.


For further information about any command in the Calculus1 package, see the corresponding help page.  For a general overview, see Calculus1.

Getting Started

While any command in the package can be referred to using the long form, for example, Student[Calculus1][DerivativePlot], it is easier, and often clearer, to load the package, and then use the short form command names.



The following worksheets show how the various routines work.  In some cases, examples show to use these visualization routines in conjunction with the single-stepping Calculus1 routines.


Tangents, Inverses, and Sampling




Various Theorems about Derivatives


Applications of Derivatives




Applications of Integration


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