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The GeoNames Data Set


Built-in Data Sets

The GeoNames Data set

Built-in Data Sets


The DataSets package features two built-in data sets: Country and GeoNames.


The built-in data sets are accessed by creating a Reference to either data set.

The GeoNames Data set


The GeoNames data set contains geographic information on all of the countries of the world.


The data in the GeoNames data set is taken from, a worldwide geographical database with a search function, browsable maps, and downloadable data files.


The first column in the GeoNames data set is always the GeoNamesid column.


The following creates a new reference to the GeoNames data set:


ref := Reference("Builtin", "Geonames");

refGeonames (GeoNamesid)NameType(7 more)68Boneh-ye Mehdisection of populated place121Lab Sefidlocality166Gorizilocality(1155858 more)



The GeoNames data set contains a collection of geographic information. The GetHeaders command returns a list containing the names for all of the data set variables in the GeoNames data set. The following table shows all of the available data variables:

DocumentTools:-Tabulate(Matrix(2, 5, [op(sort(GetHeaders(ref))),""])):








Time Zone




It is possible to search the data set by indexing into the Reference object. For example, to see all of data on Uppsala, Sweden:

place := ref[[Country = "Sweden", Name = "Uppsala"]][2];

placeGeonames (GeoNamesid)NameType(7 more)2666218Uppsalafirst-order administrative division


To return (get) a specific variable, say Population, from this data subset:




The WorldMap object can display entries from the GeoNames data set on a world map projection:


More examples for interacting with the GeoNames data set can be found on the Reference help page.