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Grid Computing Toolbox for Maple



The "Default node" can be any node that's part of the grid. It will be the node used to initiate jobs. The "Default port" is the start of the range of TCP/IP ports to use for communication among the nodes. This setting needs to be consistent with the setting used when starting the grid daemons.

Click the "Verify Grid Status" button to query the total number of available nodes in the grid.

Default node:

Default port:  


Total nodes:       

Available nodes:

You can start a test-server on your local machine using the PersonalGridServer Worksheet       


Enter the Maple code for a parallel job into the following text area.    Click here for Grid documentation 
Then click the Submit Job button below to initiate the computation.

Some example code can be loaded using the following buttons:


Set some values to the expressions to be Imported in the nodes.

foo := "Test_":
bar := "_ing":

Import worksheet variables (to all nodes):      
Export variables from node 0:


Now to test the code from the above window, submit the job using the following button.
The Job status will be updated while the computation progresses.
Any printed output is captured and returned to the Printed Output text area.
The final results are displayed in the Job Result text area.

 Job status :

on nodes.

 (aborting a job might take a few seconds)

 Printed Output - from submitted job - this is updated while the job is running.


 Job Result:




Test the value of r after the job completes.



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