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Using the Connections Manager

Components can have either scalar ports (ports with only one quantity associated with them) or vector ports (ports with more than one quantity associated with them). Connections involving vector ports are difficult to manage because what quantities are connected together is not always obvious in the Model Workspace. The Connections Manager lets you examine the ports on either side of a connection line and specify which quantities are connected.

The Connections Manager is found under the Properties tab ( ) whenever you select a connection in the Model Workspace. The following figure shows a connection between a scalar port and a vector port. Scalar ports are always on the left. The list on the right lets you choose what quantity from the vector port to connect to the scalar.

The following figure shows a connection between two vector ports. The vector port with the smallest number of quantities is always listed on the left. For each vector quantity on the left, there is a drop-down list that contains all of the quantities from the second vector port. Use these lists to specify which quantities from the two vector ports are connected to each other.


To use the Connections Manager:


In the Model Workspace, select a connection line.


Click Properties ( ).


If one or both of your ports are vector ports, select the appropriate quantity for each connection from the drop-down lists.

Note: The Connection dialog automatically opens when you make a connection between components with different dimensions. To enable/disable the Connection dialog, click Show warning dialog ( ) in the Connections Manager.

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