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Editing a Custom Component

Custom components should always be edited using the same tool that was used to create the component. These tools can be either a template, an app, or the Modelica Code Editor. These instructions show you how to open a custom component for editing in the tool that was used to create the component.

Custom components are identified by the custom component icon ( ) in both the Model Workspace and the Local Components tab ( ).

To open a custom component for editing:


Do one of the following:


In the model workspace, double-click the custom component.


If you are using MapleSim 2017 or later, select the Local Components tab ( ), find the custom component in either the Components or Hierarchy palette, and then double-click it. For earlier versions of MapleSim, drag the custom component onto the Model Workspace and then double-click it.


If your custom component is based on a template, select the Attached Files tab ( ), expand the Custom Components palette, and then double-click the template.


Edit the custom component.


Save the changes to the custom component.


Tip: Generating the custom component is usually done by clicking Generate or a similarly named button in the template or app. In the Modelica Code Editor, click Save Modelica custom component ( ).


Save your MapleSim model.

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