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Renaming a Modeling Component

By default, a component is assigned an abbreviated name when you add it to the model workspace. You can rename components to identify them more clearly in the model tree and Model Workspace in MapleSim, and in the templates that are used to analyze a model in Maple. When entering a name, you can format text in 2-D math notation, which allows you to add mathematical text such as formatted subscripts and Greek characters.

To rename a modeling component:


In the Model Workspace, click a modeling component for which you want to assign a name.


In the Properties tab ( ) located on the right side of the MapleSim window, in the Name field, enter a new name for the modeling component.


Press Enter.



You must specify a unique name for each component.


Alternatively, to rename a modeling component, from the Components list in the Model Tree tab ( ), right-click (Control-click for Mac) a component node in the Model Tree palette, select Rename, and specify a new name.

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