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Version Controlled Library File Format

A standard custom library is stored in a directory that contains one .msimlib file and two subdirectories called html and lib (see the following figure).

Standard Custom Library

The html folder contains the documentation for the components in the custom library. The lib folder contains a temporary .mla library file that is used to generate the custom library. The .msimlib file is a binary file that contains the components, attachments, the contents of the lib folder, the contents of the html folder, and other information related to your library.

A version controlled MapleSim library has the following directory structure.

Version Controlled Custom library


The version controlled custom library contains the html and lib subdirectories just as the standard library does, but it has the following differences compared to the standard custom library:


A .base_msimlib file: The version controlled custom library has a .base_msimlib file instead of an .msimlib file. The .base_msimlib file contains only information about the base of your library (for example, your simulation plots, stored results, snapshots, the contents of the lib folder, and the contents of the html folder). This file does not contain any component definitions or attachments. For more information on the base file, see Compare Models Tool: Details.


A Components subdirectory: This subdirectory contains the following files:


A Main.component file that contains all the information about the Main or top level of your library.


A .component file fshared subsystems in your model. See Compare Models Tool: Details for more information about the files in this directory.


A hierarchy.xml file that tracks what shared subsystems are in the Hierarchy palette of the Local Components tab ( ).


A probes.txt file if you have probes in the component.


An Attachments subdirectory: This subdirectory contains the files that are attached to your model and a CategoriesIndex.txt file that records which attachment belongs to which palette in the Attached Files tab ( ).

These differences give you more control over each of the components and attachments in your version controlled custom library, allowing you to modify them separately from the rest of your custom library.


Caution: Never make changes to the files or directories for a either a standard or version controlled custom library with any program other than MapleSim or your revision control system. Doing so can damage your library. Also, you should not copy any files to the subdirectories of a library. Any changes to these files and directories must be made using MapleSim or your revision control system.

Tip: If you are tracking changes to your custom library with a revision control system, you do not need to add the lib folder to the revision control system since it is already included in the .msimlib or .base_msimlib file.

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