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Adding Text Annotations to a Model

If you want to provide notes about your model, you can add text annotations. You can modify the style, font, or color of annotation text. Also, you can enter text in 2-D math notation, which is a formatting option that allows you to add mathematical elements such as subscripts, superscripts, and Greek characters.

To add a text annotation to a model


Click the Text Tool icon ( ) from the Annotations toolbar.


In the Model Workspace, draw a text box for the annotation. When you release your left mouse button, the toolbar above the Model Workspace switches to the text formatting toolbar.


If you want to enter expressions or values in 2-D math notation, select Math in the text formatting toolbar. Otherwise, use the default Text option to enter non-mathematical text.


(Optional) Select other formatting options that you want to use. You can hover your mouse pointer over any of the text formatting tools to view their descriptions.


In the text box, enter the text to include in the annotation.


To complete the annotation, click anywhere outside of the text box.

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