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Using Solver Diagnostics for Inconsistent Systems

A model that contains an inconsistent system of equations cannot be solved by MapleSim. An inconsistent system generates one or more of the following errors when you run your model:


System is inconsistent


System is inconsistent: input contains X


Initial equation involving variables X is inconsistent

In the preceding error messages, X is a list of equations or variables from your model.

Use the Solver Diagnostics option to find the variables and equations that are causing the inconsistent system.

Error messages appear in the debugging pane as you build your model. These messages identify the components, equations, and variables that are causing the inconsistent system (see the following diagram).

Clicking the message in the debugging pane highlights the problem components. A second click on the message removes the highlight.

Note: With Solver Diagnostics selected, the following additional errors are handled:


System is overdetermined


Found unhandled initial constraint equations involving 'pre': X

To use Solver Diagnostics on an inconsistent system:


In the Main Toolbar, ensure Solver Diagnostics ( ) is selected. Alternatively, in the Simulation Settings tab( ), in the Advanced Simulation section, select Solver Diagnostics.


Click Run Simulation ( ) in the main toolbar. If you are using a snapshot this icon changes to .  Alternatively, from the File menu, select Simulate.


Click Diagnostic Information ( ) at the bottom of the MapleSim window to display the debugging console.


In the debugging pane, do the any of the following:


Expand the Simulation palette to see error messages related to the variables, equations, and components.


Click the Simulation palette to highlight the problem components in the Model Workspace.

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