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Applying Paragraph Styles


A paragraph style controls all aspects of a paragraph's appearance, such as text alignment, line spacing, and indentation.


You can apply paragraph styles to selected text using the following methods:


Use the drop-down list in the worksheet context bar to apply existing paragraph styles.


Use the Style Management and Paragraph Style dialogs to create and apply new paragraph styles. See Create Paragraph Styles.




For simple modifications such as applying bold formatting to text, see the Overview of Paragraph Menu help page for links to related instructions.


To apply a Maple paragraph style to text in your worksheet:


Select (by highlighting) the text to modify.


From the styles drop-down list in the context bar of your worksheet, select an appropriate paragraph style. All Maple paragraph styles are preceded by the letter P. The selected text now reflects the attributes of the paragraph style you have chosen.


(Optional) To remove the applied style, select Edit, and then Undo Style Change.

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