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Polyhedra Supported in the geom3d Package



The following types of polyhedra are supported in the geom3d package:

+ geom3d[RegularPolyhedron] (for regular polyhedra)

+ geom3d[QuasiRegularPolyhedron] (for quasi-regular polyhedra)

+ geom3d[Archimedean] (for semi-regular polyhedra)

+ geom3d[gtetrahedron] (for general tetrahedra)

+ geom3d[parallelepiped] (for parallelepipeds)

+ geom3d[stellate] (for constructing stellated polyhedra)

+ geom3d[facet] (for constructing facetted polyhedra)

+ geom3d[duality] (for constructing reciprocal polyhedra)

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