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Introducing the B&R MapleSim Connector

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Graham Jackson & Blake Martin

Introducing the B&R MapleSim Connector

The new B&R MapleSim Connector makes it easy for B&R customers to integrate their digital twins from MapleSim. Using MapleSim, users can create a highly accurate, dynamic model of their machine based on their CAD models. All forces and torques can be modeled in MapleSim, allowing the model to be used as a digital twin for component sizing. The physical model is also available as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) for virtual commissioning of the machine software in Automation Studio, helping avoid the risk of costly design errors.

Using the B&R MapleSim Connector, users can now export their MapleSim models for use with B&R Automation Studio, and test their machine control code in a virtual environment that doesn’t pose the safety risks of physical machine testing. Using B&R Scene Viewer, users can see a 3D visualization of their machine operating in real time.

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to the new B&R MapleSim Connector, and see how it can be used for faster, safer commissioning of your machine designs.
Language: English
Duration: 37 Minutes
Related Terms: Automation, Digital-twin, Cad, Fmu

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