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Vector Integrals in the Physics:-Vectors Package, Part 1

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Dr. Robert Lopez

Vector Integrals in the Physics:-Vectors Package, Part 1

The Physics:-Vectors package now includes updated int and Int commands that implement a collection of "vector integrals." Just what are these vector integrals, and how do they relate to the existing integrals available in calculus and the Student packages of VectorCalculus and MultivariateCalculus? There are three types of these vector integrals: line, surface, and volume integrals, some of which have been provided for already in Maple but all of which can be reproduced by the existing tools in Maple.

This two-part webinar details the salient properties of this pair of updated commands, and relates them to existing functionalities in Maple, including the syntax-free tools of the Context Panel and the Task Templates. The exposition is mostly by examples, so the eight new vector integrals mentioned in the help page are illustrated by at least one example each. In fact, there are ten examples, each illustrating a concept via the full array of Maple tools, both new and old.

After a general overview, line integrals of scalars and vectors, and their relationship to work, flux, and arc length, are illustrated.

Part 2 considers surface and volume integrals.

Language: English
Duration: 39 Minutes
Related Terms: Vector, Integral, Line, Surface, Volume, Scalar

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