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Frenet (TNB) Frame Maplet

: Joanna Ellis-Monaghan
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This Maplet plots a parameterized space curve together with its Frenet Frame (the tangent, normal, and binormal vectors) at a time t. The tangent is colored blue, the normal is colored black, and the binormal is colored red. The space curve has three coordinate functions of time: F(t), G(t), and H(t). The endpoints of the desired time interval are entered in the text boxes, and the time t where the Frenet frame is computed is adjusted with the slider. Sliders may be moved with the mouse or changed incrementally by selecting with the mouse and then using the arrow keys. The textboxes under Frame Point are output only. Slider bars on the plot window adjust the viewing angle. Various buttons on the menu bar change the appearance of the plot.

Application Details

Publish Date: September 12, 2003
Created In: Maple 8
Language: English



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