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Elliptic Functions and Simple Pendulum Animation

: Dr. Ahmed Baroudy
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The purpose of the present article is to built the equation of motion of a simple pendulum for large angles, then to use Maple commands: JacobiSN, to find the displacement angle for a given time. A set of ordered pairs of coordinates for the bob is thus obtained and used for plotting. The animation is somehow tricky since the set obtained doesn't allow for a straight forward animation and needs some careful manipulation of the data in the set. The reward is double: 1- being able to put to good use Maple engine in finding Elliptic Functions (EF) with a simple command rather than resorting to tables for finding EF. 2- A good exercise in programming with Maple animation.

Application Details

Publish Date: January 28, 2009
Created In: Maple 12
Language: English

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