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How Maple Flow
Compares to Mathcad®

Maple Flow provides a refreshing alternative to Mathcad when creating and developing your engineering calculations and project reports.

A Quick Look at Maple Flow

Mathematically Live Paper
Mathematically Live Paper

Gather math, reference materials, plots, and images in one workspace. Easily move elements into position and edit them, while Maple Flow auto-updates calculations and keeps units up-to-date.

Attractive, Engaging Documents
Attractive, Engaging Documents

Maple Flow gives you flexible formatting and a clean, uncluttered workspace that helps you to communicate your ideas clearly.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Maple Flow is the most advanced sheet of “paper” you’ll need for calculations. With a low learning curve, you can easily create new documents and templates, and lean on a wide set of built-in application examples.

More About Maple Flow:

Maple Flow vs. Mathcad Comparison Chart

When you want a powerful mathematics toolset:

Mathcad Prime® Maple Flow
Advanced Mathematics Numeric Math Limited Extensive range of functions.
Symbolic Math Very limited with numerous gaps. Extensive, best of breed
Programming Language Limited, useful only for small programs. Fully featured
Visualization and Plotting Limited number of inflexible plots. Full spectrum of high-impact, flexible plots and visualizations. Highly customizable.
Compatibility Internet and Network Data Sources No – only local files Yes

When you want a company that’s easy to work with:

Mathcad Prime Maple Flow
Licensing Licensing Model Subscription only Perpetual or Subscription
Single-User Upgrades No – active maintenance plan is required. Yes – Users can buy discounted upgrades.
Development Roadmap Active customers contribute to product development roadmap Requests submitted via ticket tracker. Customers have access to Product Manager to discuss needs.
Regular updates with new enhancements Annual software update Multiple updates per year supports rollout of new features.
Support Next-business day response to technical support questions Requires a Service Contract Number or Gold Support package. Available to all Commercial seat users.

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