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Maple BlockImporter

Supported Simulink® Blocks

  • Continuous: Derivative, Integrator, State-Space, Transfer-Function, and Zero-Pole
  • Discontinuous: Saturation
  • Lookup Tables: Lookup Table
  • Math Operations: Abs, Gain, Product, Math Function, Sum, and Trigonometric Function
  • Signal Routing: Bus Creator, Bus Selector, Mux, Demux, Selector, From, and Goto
  • Sinks: Display, Scope, Terminator, and ToWorkspace
  • Sources: Band Limited White-Noise, Chirp, Clock, Constant, FromWorkspace, Ground, Ramp, Signal Generator, Sine, and Step
  • Subsystems: Input port, Output port, and Subsystem
  • User-Defined Functions: Fcn (Expression Block), MATLABFcn

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