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Maple Application Gallery

A curated collection of downloadable Maple applications from a diverse range of engineering and scientific disciplines

Engine Noise Spectrogram

Vehicle Ride and Handling Analysis

Analysis of a Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle

Chemical Kinetics Reaction Rate Estimation

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

Economic Pipe Sizer

Interacting Tank Reservoirs

Amplifier Gain

Amplifier Gain Application

PV Diode Parameter Estimation

Downloading Stock Prices and Plotting Return Distributions

Drawdown of Historical Stock Prices

Is a Stock Overvalued or Undervalued?

Portfolio Optimization with the Omega Ratio

El Centro Earthquake Analysis

Fitting Wave Height Data to a Probability Distribution

Visualizing Live Earthquake Data from the Internet

Fuel Pod Design Optimization

Gas Orifice Flow Meter

Optimizing the Design of a Helical Spring

Tuned Mass Spring Damper

Welded Beam Design Optimization

Calibrating Response Curves for the Concentration of Melatonin Sulfate in Human Urine

Audio Filtering and Spectrogram Generator

Filtering Frequency Domain Noise

Interaural Time Delay


Sunspot Periodicity

Energy Needed to Vaporize Ethanol

Flow Through an Expansion Valve

Heat Transfer Coefficient

Condition Air into the Human Comfort Zone

Ideal Brayton Cycle

Maximize the Efficiency of a Rankine Cycle

Mixing Humid Air

Organic Rankine Cycle

Saturation Temperature of Fluids

Swamp Cooler

Ball Bouncing on Hilly Terrain

Diet Optimization

Optimize the Flight Path of a Pan-US Delivery Drone

Packing Discs into a Circle