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Units and Dimensions

You can assign units to your input variables, and the necessary dimensional analysis is performed by Maple to give you the correct unit in your result. Maple also stops you from adding incompatible units by mistake, thereby eliminating a very common source of errors.

  • Support for over 500 units and dimensions defined using exact conversions
  • Systems of units include Atomic, CGS, Electromagnetic, Electrostatic, FPS, MKS, MTS, and SI
  • Over 50 base quantities include acceleration, area, dynamic viscosity, electric resistance, energy, heat transfer, light, magnetic flux, and mass
  • Ability to add and remove systems and dimensions
  • Units palettes for SI and FPS (US imperial) units
  • Context-sensitive menu support for units includes affixing or removing a unit, simplifying units in an expression, and converting between units or unit systems

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