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FMU Visualization with MapleSim Insight

See real-time, 3-D visualizations of your FMU, no matter which tool you use

Simulation-based testing is a key component of model-based design practices, allowing you to validate design performance, optimize parameters, and reduce issues before physical prototypes. Engineers use these models for testing with a variety of design tools by using an industry-standard modeling standard known as a Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI).

Using the FMI standard gives engineers the power to use their simulation model across tools, but almost all FMI-compliant tools will fail to provide rich, visual feedback for model behavior, so the engineer is required to interpret complicated sets of data to evaluate their design.
MapleSim Insight gives engineers powerful, simulation-based 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to FMI-based tools. Engineers can see both 3-D visualizations for quick visual feedback, and 2-D plots to get precise answers for testing and comparison between multiple test cases.


MapleSim Insight FMU

Why Use MapleSim Insight for your FMUs?

  • See 3-D visualizations of your models that run in real-time, giving you high quality, CAD-based insight to deepen understanding of your model
  • Compare results from multiple testing scenarios using both 2-D plots and 3-D animations, saving all test data for future reference
  • Export test data for analysis in your tool of choice, such as the calculation management tool Maple
  • Use MapleSim Insight with any of your simulation tools that support compiled Function Mock-up Units, such as Simulink from MathWorks®


Why Use MapleSim Insight for your FMUs

Visualization Examples

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