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Is a Stock Overvalued or Undervalued?

: Maplesoft AuthorSamir Khan
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This application calculates the fair value of a stock, given the current market prices and several growth assumptions. Simply pick an industry, stock exchange, and then a company.

Maple then downloads the current market share price, EPS (for the trailing 12 months) and dividends (for the trailing 12 months) from Yahoo Finance (hence a connection to the web is needed). Given a series of growth assumptions, a fair value is then calculated. The valuation process is described at the bottom of this application, and is most appropriate for stable companies with a history of dividend payments.

The stock is undervalued If the fair value is greater than the current market price, and vice-versa.

This application comes with an Excel spreadsheet with a list of over 25000 companies across multiple industries and international exchanges, and their corresponding ticker symbols. This spreadsheet is used to populate the interface with industries, exchanges and companies, and must be saved in the same location as the Maple worksheet.

Application Details

Publish Date: January 20, 2015
Created In: Maple 18
Language: English



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