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Introduction to Maple (Esource)

Introduction to Maple (Esource)

David I. Schwartz


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Introduction to Maple is part of Prentice Hall's ESource Series, a unique publishing system designed to give professors optimal control over their courseware. ESource allows you the freedom to create your own textbook using only the topics necessary for your class. The process is simple: on the ESource website, you construct a book by combining any of the chapters from any of the numerous titles in the series. You can personalize the book even further by integrating your own material into the text flow. The end product is a professionally formatted text that is molded to fit the exact needs of your class. Of course, any of the ESource books can also be adopted as individual texts, or shrink-wrapped together with other titles in the series.
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Language: English
ISBN: 0130951331
Publisher: Pearson Education

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