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Computing with Maple

Computing with Maple

Francis Wright


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Powerful, flexible, easy to use-small wonder that the use of MAPLE? continues to increase, particularly since the latest releases of MAPLE. The built-in nature of its numerical and graphical facilities gives MAPLE a distinct advantage over traditional programming languages, yet to date, no textbook has used that advantage to introduce programming concepts. Moreover, few books based on MAPLE's latest versions even exist.Computing with MAPLE presents general programming principles using MAPLE as a concrete example of a programming language. The author first addresses the basic MAPLE functions accessible for interactive use then moves to actual programming, discussing all of the programming facilities that MAPLE provides, including control structures, data types, graphics, spreadsheets, text processing, and object oriented programming. Reflecting MAPLE's primary function as a computational tool, the book's emphasis is on mathematical examples, and it includes a full chapter devoted to alg
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Language: English
ISBN: 1-584-88236-0
Publisher: CRC Press

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