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The Maple ODE Lab Book

The Maple ODE Lab Book

Mylan Redfern
E. Chandler


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This book/disk package utilizes the computational power of Maple V to efficiently illustrate the solving of ordinary differential equatiuns. This package will provide students with a variety of methods and an environment where they can experiment and develop new ways of tackling difficult concepts. Throughout this manual, numerical and graphical information and methods are emphasized along with symbolic results in order to take advantage of the versatility of Maple and to increase the student's breadth of understanding. The manual begins with a well-rounded introduction to MAple as a symbolic computation language, so that a background in Maple is not necessary. A set of exercises is provided at the end of each chapter, and Maple worksheets containing answers to al exercises are included on the disk. The worksheets contain additional valuable information as well as an experimentation section that offers an alternative approacth to some of the material inthe book
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Language: English
ISBN: 0-387-94733-7
Publisher: Springer-Verlag

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