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Compare: Mathematical Programming

Maple's programming language is designed for mathematics. The vast majority of Maple's computation engine is written using the Maple language, so you can access the same powerful tools that Maplesoft developers use every day.

Mathematical Structures and Commands

The Maple language supports mathematical structures as fundamental types, such as polynomials, complex numbers, and vectors, and it allows you to easily construct and test for more complicated structures, such as “five-element row vector with complex entries” and “polynomials of odd degree with positive integer coefficients.” Maple provides commands for programmatically performing mathematical manipulations, such as factoring and expanding expressions. It has thousands of commands for programmatically performing mathematical operations, manipulating objects, importing and exporting data sets, and creating customized plots and animations.

Writing Programs

The Maple programming language can be used for everything from simple, single-line scripts to large-scale projects involving thousands of lines of code. Code can be included in any Maple document, allowing you to combine text, images, plots, and code in a single document. Applications can be created and distributed in a single file.

Maple scripts and programs can be written entirely through ordinary typing on the keyboard, or if you wish, can include easy-to-read 2-D mathematical expressions. Command completion features make it easy to enter the names of both built-in and custom procedures. When desirable, code can be hidden within the document in many ways, so that readers are not distracted from your main points.

Code Generation

Maple comes with built-in code generation tools to convert Maple procedures to C, Fortran, Java, and other programming languages. No extra toolboxes are required.