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Maple 7 Maple 7
Released: 2001

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Summary of features introduced in Maple 7

World Class Symbolics, Rock Solid Numerics

Vastly Improved Symbolic ODEs

Symbolic PDE Systems

ODE Boundary Value Problem (BVP) Solver

Stiff-ODE Solver

Differential Equations (DEs) are the language of science and engineering modeling. With release 7, Maple has an overwhelming lead over competitors in this key field. Support for this claim is that Maple greatly outperforms competitors on several classic benchmark problem sets of DEs.

Curve Fitting Package

Random Tools Package

More tools for research mathematicians.
Knowledge Capture and Deployment
Units Package Engineers and scientists can now manage units and dimensions as well as quantities. Comprehensive coverage of major unit systems.

MathML Support

XML Support

Maple supports two important emerging standards for presenting and sharing data.
TCP/IP Sockets Users can import real-time Internet data into their Maple worksheets. Applications: finance, weather. Continues to show how Maple can communicate with other software tools by adhering to industry standards.

Real Domain Package

Teachers can restrict computations to the real numbers, making Maple's outputs more understandable to students in elementary math classes.

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