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Much of what Maple does is directly applicable to educators and students, so much of the information in this whitepaper is relevant to education, especially the section on Point-and-Click Problem Solving. Maple also provides tools and resources specifically to support the needs of education. Here are some recent additions.

Maple 2018: Practice Sheets

Student packages in Maple offer focused learning environments in which students can explore and reinforce fundamental concepts in the same way their instructor does in class. Student packages are available for a variety of core subjects, including calculus, precalculus, linear algebra, statistics, vector calculus, multivariate calculus, numerical analysis, and more. In Maple 2018, the Student Basics package has been expanded to give instructors a way to provide drill-and-practice exercises for students that Maple will grade automatically, giving the students immediate feedback

The new PracticeSheet command generates a grid of practice problems for drilling math skills. You can create practice sheets that test arithmetic basics, algebra skills, calculus problems, factorization, and more. Each problem is generated using randomized parameters. Students complete the problems, and then simply click on a button to find out how they did. If a student wants more practice, another click brings up a new sheet of problems to try.

New to Maple 2018: the

Maple 2017: Streamlined Access to MapleCloud

Access to the MapleCloud has been redesigned to make it easier for students to use this service. Through the new interface, students can immediately access all publicly available Math Apps and documents. If they log in, they can also access any private groups you may have set up for your class, where they can easily obtain documents or applications you have shared privately with your students. The redesigned interface also makes it easier for students to upload documents to their class group, so they can hand in assignments or share details of their work with you.

Maple 2016: New Math Apps, Applications, and Examples

Maple 2016 provided dozens of additional pre-built Math Apps, applications, and examples that students can use to explore mathematical concepts, discover applications related to what they are learning in class, and learn more about Maple. New Math Apps, which provide highly visual, interactive activities that help your students explore specific concepts, include the Sieve of Eratosthenes, tessellations, and different ways of visualizing the area of a circle. Other applications and examples cover a wide variety of topics, such as working with thermodynamic properties, building interactive applications, number theory, delay differential equations, principal component analysis, and more. In addition, new "How do I..." tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for more common tasks, including plotting multiple functions on the same axes and solving ordinary differential equations.

New Math Apps, Applications, and Examples