Multibody Technology - MapleSim Features - System-Level Modeling and Simulation


MapleSim’s plotting and visualization capabilities include 2-D simulation results and 3-D simulation animations.

  • 3-D visualizations and animations of multibody systems
  • Automatic ball-and-stick rendering—custom geometry (including springs, cylinders, boxes, force and torque arrows, and path traces) and imported STL shapes can be added for realistic rendering
  • Full playback and camera control on 3-D visualizations and animations
  • Export of 3-D visualizations as .mpeg movies
  • Customizable 2-D plots
  • Simultaneous visualization of 2-D simulation and the corresponding 3-D animation
  • Overlay option for comparing 3-D visualizations
  • Multiple y-axes, and phase plots
  • Log, semi-log, and linear axis scaling
  • Pan, zoom and scale, point probe, and plot export
  • Windows with multiple plots
  • Drag-and-drop traces from one plot to another
  • Full range of Maple plots available for further analysis