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MapleSim 2022.2


应广大用户要求,MapleSim 2022.2 系列产品扩展建模库、更新产品功能并推出许多新功能,为用户带来了更好的使用体验。


MapleSim 新功能的具体内容包括了性能和图像效果的重要优化、更加便捷的共享结果等,无论您正在进行什么项目, MapleSim 都会给您提供更好的体验:

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  • 只需几步简单的操作,就能节省建模和管理系统模型的时间
  • 最新的 MapleSim 引擎具有优化的初始化和公式化功能,可节省运行仿真的时间
  • 更清晰的组件标签以及更好的探头与连接器的自动对齐功能优化了您的模型布置图外观

MapleSim Web Handling Library 是 MapleSim 的扩展功能,为您提供更多资源,从而优化卷对卷工艺的仿真。


  • 使用新的跨度组件扩展建模范围,可显示转换或精加工过程的变化并仿真卷筒之间下凹的卷料。
  • 使用更多的辊筒组件,可节省创建卷料布置图的时间。全新的 S-Wrap Rollers 和 Contact Rollers 可为用户提供评估张力控制设计的快捷选项。
  • 全新内置辊筒架参数让您更轻松地定义卷料系统布置图,其中包括机架质量与惯性,以及辊筒的偏移。
  • 更多可视化的设置让您在运行仿真时可以更加方便快捷地使用渐变颜色来显示卷料的速度和张力的变化。
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  • 使用MapleSim CAD Toolbox可更快加载 CAD 文件,并支持 Inventor®、NX®、SOLIDWORKS®、Solid Edge®、JT®、 PTC® Creo Parametric™、Parasolid®,以及其他 CAD 工具最新版本。
  • 最新的MapleSim Tire Library 使Pacejka Tire的建模效果更加流畅,能够更好地满足客户需求。
  • 优化后的 MapleSim Connector for FMI可节省在整个工具链中导出系统模型所需的时间MapleSim Connector的更新使Simulink® 的导入更加方便快捷 

MapleSim Insight 更新

MapleSim Insight 通过直接与现有的自动化工具连接的方式,为机器制造商提供了功能强大的基于仿真的调试和3-D可视化功能。

新版本适用于 MapleSim 2022.2 引擎,为用户带来使用工具栏、建模效果管理窗口等功能的综合提升体验。

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MapleSim 2022
Enhanced Modeling Tools

In response to feedback from engineers in the field, MapleSim 2022 provides important updates to a variety of built-in and add-on libraries and toolboxes that make developing models more efficient.

Built-in Modeling Tools
  • Reduce diagram clutter by using “wireless” To-From blocks for a larger variety of signals.
  • Easily create and customize control valves with the new Directional Control Valve Builder app.

The MapleSim Web Handling Library brings a set of modeling components to simulate roll-to-roll processes, helping you manage tensioning, optimize the web speed, and reduce web slippage. The new release of this add-on library expands its modeling scope.

  • The new Laminating Subsection can simulate the merging of multiple web layers.
    • Additional components support the modeling of lamination often used in packaging and consumer products.
    • The multiplex component can handle up to 10 layers of material, each with separate web properties.
  • New built-in roller parameters let you define aspects of your web system layouts more easily, including inner diameter settings and support for zero-wrap-angle nip rollers.
Learn more about the MapleSim Web Handling Library.
Web Handling Screenshots.jpg

MapleSim Heat Transfer Library

The MapleSim Heat Transfer Library gives you a comprehensive view into the heat transfer effects present in your model, enabling you to refine your design to improve performance and avoid overheating.  The new release of this add-on library provides new components for modeling flow networks.

Learn more about MapleSim Heat Transfer Library.

MapleSim Battery Library

The MapleSim Battery Library, an add-on to MapleSim, allows you to incorporate physics-based predictive models of battery cells into your multidomain system-level models. The new release contains several improvements to make it easier to build your battery models.

Learn more about MapleSim Battery Library.

MapleSim CAD Toolbox

With the MapleSim CAD Toolbox, you can see how your mechanical CAD models will behave as part of a larger, multidomain system, and apply MapleSim's advanced analysis tools to improve your designs. This add-on toolbox makes it easy to import CAD models into MapleSim, automatically capturing the kinematic and kinetic properties of the model components.  For 2022, the toolbox has been updated for compatibility with recent releases of many CAD tools. The MapleSim CAD Toolbox can be used with Inventor®, NX®, SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA® V6, Solid Edge®, 3D ACIS®, Pro/Engineer® / PTC® Creo, Parasolid®, AutoCAD® 3D, I-deas®, IFC® v4, IGES®, and more.

Learn more about MapleSim CAD Toolbox.

Updates to MapleSim Insight

MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools. With the 2022 release, MapleSim Insight offers new productivity and connectivity features.

Learn more about MapleSim Insight.

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